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Waiver and release of liability

1. I acknowledge that: a) In enrolling my Dog(S) at BooBoo’s Doggy Day Care. BooBoo’s is relying solely on my information and representation that my dog(S) are in good health and has not shown any form of aggression or harmed or shown threatening behaviour towards any person, Animal or thing. b)  I agree to allow my Dog to be in a cage free environment and play and socialise at their own risk. I accept there are risks involved associated with having many dogs in one environment, including but not limited to:

i. Transfer of illness such as Canine Cough (Kennel Cough)

ii. Behaviour changes or problems

iii. Injuries, including abrasions, cuts, sore pads feet and broken nails

BooBoo’s Doggy Day Care will do our utmost to fully screen all applicants. At times it is discovered that this is not an appropriate environment for all dogs. BooBoo’s retains the right and discretion to separate my dog from the others to a safe area until I can collect him/her and (or) temporarily or permanently remove my dog(S) from the day care at any time.  


2. I agree That: 

a) I am solely responsible for any loss, damage or harm caused or contributed by my dog(S) while attending day care at BooBoo’s

b) While my dog(S) is in the custody of BooBoo’s Doggy Day Care and I am NOT able to be contacted, in the event of an emergency, BooBoo’s Doggy Day Care, It’s staff agents or representatives may seek immediate veterinary care/assistance for my dog(S)

c) I am responsible for all costs associated with clause 2(a) and (b)

d) I will abide by all the rules set out in BooBoo’s doggy Day Care waiver and Release of Liability and the day care rules and regulations, accepting all terms and conditions and statements contained within. 

3. I release BooBoo’s Doggy Day Care and its employees and agents from ALL Liability and indemnify BooBoo’s Doggy Day Care from ANY and ALL Claims of every and any kind, arising directly or indirectly from my dog(S) participation in activities or use of service, including medical expenses and legal claims

I have read and understood the BooBoo’s Doggy Day Care Waiver and Release of Liability  and the day care rules

I understand that when enrolling my dog at BooBoo's and submitting the form through this website that I agree to all rules, agreements and waiver and the release of liability 

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